About Us

We have been working within the education and training industry for over 28 years BOTH as educators and senior executives/ business owners. The experience has been outstanding…exhilarating, exciting, joyous and rewarding.

We have worked across all the sectors, both public and private, as educators, administrators, senior executives and consultants.

Unlike other consultants, whose experience may be limited to compliance and auditing, we have demonstrated real-world experience as senior executives in leading and managing highly compliant, multi-million dollar education and training colleges and enterprises.


About our Managing Director

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 So why this unique web-based consulting model?

This is because of a combination of a few different things… its a final career aspiration, a bit of frustration with the limited resources available in the market, and more significantly, a lot of excitement about creating an innovative model that will hopefully help the industry that we love working within.


Here is the detailed story…

One of our most rewarding experiences as consultants has been to build the brand, reputation and financial stability of an educational institution in Queensland. Within a few years, through strategic planning, visioning and harnessing the talent and commitment of a great team of people, we transformed the organisation into one of Australia’s leading international education institutions. Our approach was so outstanding that it resulted in significant growth for the organization. It also resulted in the institution winning several awards and accolades over the years. We created it all: compliance, exceptional quality systems, process, policies, innovative business and marketing plans, all of which resulted in an outstanding, highly values-driven, multi-million dollar education entity.

From that time on, we had this deeply held desire to set up a unique web-based consulting firm that would enable other educational institutions to not only meet their compliance obligations, but also achieve their desired level of excellence and growth.

Prior to that our Founder/ Managing Director had led and managed the key international education portfolio for Education Queensland International for over six years.  From 2009- 2016, she also successfully set up and managed her own highly successful RTO.

The cumulative experience over the years has turned her compliance and business management skills within the education/training industry into a fine art.

Also, over the last 28 years, we have built a vast network of friends, business partners and associates all over the world. Our network is built on trust, integrity and uncompromising customer service standards. Our network, goodwill and personal reputation have become an inimitable competitive advantage for us as international education and training consultants.

From all of the above experiences and our need for a new challenge, came the idea of setting up  International Education and Training Consultants (IETC).

Through our new and innovative consulting model, we hope to continue to support our network and enhance the quality of education and training across all sectors in Australia