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We get a number of requests about ongoing help with compliance and general help with the management of the RTO/ CRICOS/ ELICOS operations.  We thought about the best way we could help would be to offer a monthly service option, where we can be available to help as needed.

About our Principal Consultant

In using our services, you will be directly hiring the services and expertise of our Principal Consultant.

We have over 28 years experience as both educators and senior executives in leading and managing highly successful.  RTO/ CRICOS/ ELICOS businesses. We believe that we are different from other consultants, as most consultants have either worked as a trainer, compliance officer, IT consultant or administrator.  Very few consultants have actually set up and managed their own or other institutions as the CEO or Principal.  Therefore, unlike other consultants, whose experience may be limited to compliance and auditing, we have demonstrated real-world experience as senior executives in leading and managing highly compliant, multi-million dollar education and training colleges and enterprises.

Therefore, we believe our difference is primarily in our ability to provide help in both the areas of compliance and business management for profitability.  Our advice will help you not only with compliance, but also with how you can reduce costs by applying more efficient business methods.  Also, we have proven direct experience across all sectors, including RTOs, ELICOS, high schools and universities.

You may think that our fee is higher than other consultants. We believe that we work much faster than most consultants, without compromising on quality.  So you may find a consultant who charges $300 per day, but takes 1 month to complete a task.  We may charge a higher hourly rate, but we will complete the task much, much faster. So eventually, we believe you will get a better deal, better value for money, whether you are looking at the price or the relative experience of the consultant.

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Who can use this service through us?

We like to provide outstanding quality to our clients. We do not like to accept money from clients where we feel that we will not be able to deliver value for money; or where we feel that despite our help the client may not be able to meet the compliance requirements.  Therefore, we offer this service only to the following clients:


  • Clients whom we have helped with the initial registration application within the last 24 months

If you have not used our services before, we recommend that you use us for a compliance health heck to begin with. We will be able to help you become compliant through the health check process and then we can help you with any other questions on a month-to-month basis, as required.

What the monthly fee includes

  • Up to 8 hours of our time (valid for a period of 30 calendar days from the service purchase date). You can use our services:
    • On the phone; or
    • By email; or
    • One site visit at a mutually convenient time, if needed  (travel expenses at cost would be billed separately outside the Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas)
  • You can use our time for advice on:
    • Any compliance related matters
    • Teaching/ training/ assessments/ validation/ moderation/ curriculum
    • Policies and procedures
    • Management issues
    • Business planning
    • Attendance and advice at Board meetings , if required (travel expenses at cost would be billed separately outside the Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas)
    • Internal audit of specific operational areas
    • Staff training on RTO/ CRICOS/ ELICOS compliance, as applicable
    • Anything else related to your operations, as long as its within our area of expertise
  • Its up to you to maximise the use of the time within the month.  Please understand that there are no carry forwards into the following month/s.
  • We will try to respond to your enquiries within 2 working days (mostly a lot earlier). If you seek an on-site visit, we will try to arrange a mutually convenient time within two weeks from the date that we receive your request.
  • Additional hours within the month will be billed at AUD $250+GST per hour. Additional hours are subject to mutual availability.
  • You can sign up month to month, as needed. No long-term contracts

What the monthly fee does not include

Anything that is not included in the section above , is excluded.  For example, the fee does not include:

  • Standing in for your teachers/ trainers/ assessors/ managers or any other staff
  • Writing training, assessment or course materials
  • Teaching/ training or marking assessments
  • Advice on your accounts/ financials/ legal/ industrial relations matters as these are areas you need to seek advice from accountants or lawyers


  • The monthly fee is not refundable once the service month has commenced, except in cases where we cancel the service due to our unavailability for extended periods during the month.  In such cases, we will refund the full monthly fees.  The service month commences from the date the payment is received by us


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