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Our ELICOS Policies and Forms have been designed to comply with the new ELICOS Standards 2018 and the new National Code 2018.

We are confident that our documents meet the required standards. We guarantee that we will make any required changes to our documents, should any rectification be required at the initial audit stage (subject to the initial application being submitted within 3 months from the date of purchase).

Format and process

All the policies have been compiled in an easy to follow ‘Compliance Handbook’.  Also, you get a suite of relevant Forms and templates to support aspects of your operations and compliance.  Once you purchase the documents, you will be able to download and sign a Licence Agreement.  Please sign the Licence Agreement and email it back to us.  After we receive your payment and signed Licence Agreement, we will send you a link to download all the materials AFTER 2 working days.

You have two working days after you have made the payment to seek a refund. We will send you the materials for download on the third day, that is AFTER two working days have elapsed from the date we receive your payment and signed ‘Licence Agreement’. Please note that due to the nature of the product, no refunds are available after the link to the purchased materials has been made available to you electronically.

Please ensure that you have viewed samples prior to making the payment. Please request any additional samples, as required.

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Buy ELICOS Policies and Forms

ELICOS Policies: What is included

The 150+ page Compliance handbook includes the following:

Section 1: Planning and General Management

  1. Introduction to the legislative framework
  2. Human Resource Planning and Organisational Structure
  3. Fit and Proper Person Policy
  4. Human Resources: Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy
  5. Internal Monitoring and Audit Policy
  6. Financial Management Policy
  7. Professional Development Policy
  8. Facilities and Equipment Management Policy
  9. ELICOS Educational Resources Policy

Section 2: Marketing

  1. Marketing Policy and Procedures
  2. Student Information Policy and Procedures
  3. Agent Management Policy and Procedures
  4. Use of Logos Policy


Section 3: Enrolment and Student Support Services

  1. Enrolment Policy
  2. Needs Assessment and Student Support Policy
  3. Student Welfare Policy (Younger students)
  4. Airport Reception Policy
  5. Homestay Service and Accommodation Policy
  6. Overseas Student Health Cover Policy


Section 4: Student Arrival in Australia

  1. Student’s First Day
  2. ELICOS Teaching Policy
  3. ELICOS Placement Testing on Day 1
  4. Student Orientation Policy
  5. Student Code of Conduct Policy
  6. ELICOS Assessment Policy


Section 5: Student Administration

  1. Course Progress and Attendance Policy- VET Courses
  2. Course Progress Policy- ELICOS courses
  3. Attendance Policy- ELICOS
  4. Complaints and Appeals Policy
  5. Fees and Refund Policy
  6. Transfer between Registered Providers Policy
  7. Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy
  8. Privacy Policy for Students
  9. Access to Personal Information Policy
  10. Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer Policy
  11. Records Retention Policy
  12. Continuous Improvement, Data Collection and Reporting policy
  13. Critical Incident Policy


Buy ELICOS Policies and Forms