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CRICOS Policies and Procedures- $1,500+GST

The most important document you need to have ready is a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that demonstrates your compliance with the relevant legislation. It should also demonstrate your strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

We have developed a complete set of fully customisable CRICOS Policies and Procedures that are aligned to the required ESOS legislation.  We have used a practical approach to developing the policies and procedures so that they can be readily implemented within your organisation.

The policies and procedures have emerged from our own experience of managing highly compliant, quality focused RTOs.

The CRICOS Policies and Procedures will assist you in managing a high quality program for international students within your RTO, besides providing evidence to support your compliance with the required standards.

The CRICOS Policies and Procedures are best used in conjunction with the ‘CRICOS Forms’ document (see below)

CRICOS Forms- $300+GST

In order to operationalise your policies and procedures, you need to ensure that you have ready to use forms that can capture essential information from your workforce and from clients.  We have developed a comprehensive set of forms that will help your RTO manage your day to day CRICOS operations.  Basically, the set of forms are ready to customise and use straightway.

We recommend that you use the ‘CRICOS Forms’ in conjunction with the ‘CRICOS Policies and Procedures’ (see above), though they can be used as stand-alone documents.