Hi there. Welcome to IETC, your unique help-desk for any RTO, ELICOS and CRICOS projects, including registrations, re-registrations, audits, marketing, growth and profitability.

We are a unique, boutique, consulting firm for RTOs, ELICOS and CRICOS.

We have 27 years experience in the education and training industry, both as educators and senior executives/ business owners. Unlike many other consultants, whose experience may be limited to compliance, we have demonstrated real-world experience as senior executives in leading and managing highly compliant, multi-million dollar education and training enterprises.

What we offer

  • Help to set up new RTO/ ELICOS centres
  • RTO/ ELICOS registration, audits and re-registration help
  • CRICOS help, including registration, audits and training
  • Marketing planning to help increase your student numbers
  • Help with international marketing, growth and profitability
  • Ready-to-use templates for RTO, ELICOS, CRICOS
  • RTO and ELICOS curriculum and course materials


A proven track record…

We have a proven track record, not only in meeting and exceeding industry standards, in terms of compliance and quality, but also leading educational organisations to significant growth and profitability.

We have used our own 27-year direct experience in education and training to create a practical tool-kit for RTO, ELICOS and CRICOS compliance and management. You can use our DIY tools or ask us to help with your project/ problem.

We hope that this website gives you as much as you need and more… If there is anything that you need that is not here, please feel free to call us anytime.

We are always happy to chat day or night… a slightly workaholic approach, we admit, but that’s how we work best.